Capturing the Now

Published December 30, 2015 by murgcat

social-mt-rose-facebookEnlightenment comes when you exist in the Now! That’s the secret to The Secret and every other mysticism out there. The elusive Now but how?

Adrenaline junkies, why is it they do that voodoo they do? Is it really flirting with death? I think it’s something else entirely different. Flirting with our demise strokes our ever-present ego, but what is it that our soul longs for – The Now. They, the a fore mentioned junkies, have discovered a short cut to the Now.

Maybe short cut isn’t the correct view. It takes dedication and perseverance to reach the point where it is flirting with the reaper rather than fumbled attempts at offing yourself through Darwinism. I certainly hope you’ve had a few conventional jumps before your first base jump. You can’t bomb a black diamond slope until you’ve done a myriad of runs.

I can explain it from the skiers point of view. When you are pushing that boundary, the edge of your skill , where disaster is but a blink away, you can’t think. It sounds counter intuitive. When your body and sensory inputs override the constant chatter of your monkey mind you are capturing the now. You must be absolutely and totally aware of your surroundings: making immediate decisions and then immediately releasing the thought to make room for the next necessary decision.

You reach a point where all you are is awareness without judgement, without ego getting in the way. The landscape flashes by yet time slows down. You can only experience. If you can stop to catch a breath, everything is brighter, you feel alive. Regardless if it’s the side of a mountain you just schussed or the side your flying by in a wing suit, you have two accomplishments when you are done. The first is the one that appeases your ego, you did the difficult and survived. The second is a deeper more primal reward that keeps you coming back to push the boundary again and again… you captured the Now.


Little wheel spin and spin, big wheel go round and around

Published December 3, 2015 by murgcat

“Welcome back kids! Was that fun or what? Did you find what you were looking for? No matter, let’s spin that wheel and see what it gets you this time round!”

“I’m gonna be the king of Siam.”WheelofFortune

“Well I’m gonna be an Iroquois princess, nyah!”

“You’re both wrong. To quote that great philosopher Steve Martin, ‘I was born a poor black child…’”

I have noticed that people looking for a past life experience want something exotic and of mythic proportions. Most people on the planet have the epic struggle of everyday survival. That my friends is heroic. What are you looking for?

If the goal is to learn, how can that happen when you’ve always been the hero? We all want to be Wellington; someone has to be Napoleon. Or more realistically, Napoleon’s groom or the poor peon who scoops up the horse crap and dries it so he can have a warm place to sleep at night. I’m sure we’ve all worn a white hat just as we’ve all worn the black hat and mask.

When you start the search for your past lives, are you ready for what you may find? We have all been the victim just as we have been the victimizer. It could be that what we hate the most is something we have recently experienced.

Can your current ego deal with the atrocities you may have committed in the last lifetime? Are you abused now because of the hardships heaped on native children as you destroyed their culture? Have you been blessed with comfortable life because of altruistic acts through several lifetimes? Makes you wonder if the feminist of this lifetime was the misogynist pimp in Budapest in 1600.

The revelations of your deaths can be horrific. In western culture contemplating your death is morbid. The freaks and weirdoes are the ones that obsess about mortality. When you dig into those past lives in their totality you get to experience those deaths also. The Déjà vu of place with the remembrance of your passing at that same spot can be a bit spooky. Without a true acceptance of the reality of death, some past life memories can be devastating.

It is that cultural context that also makes it so devastating. There are actions and attitudes that were common place in the past that are repugnant now. The torture of the witches and heretics, in which were you the prosecutor, the defendant or one of the throngs screaming for “justice”? Marriage contracts for children as young as 5 or 6 were undertaken. Those marriages were consummated by the ages of 13 or 14. In our current culture that’s abhorrent, and to abuse victims it’s impossible to understand and unconscionable.

How do you handle the sudden realization that you were what you hate the most in this lifetime? You were the sultan that accepted that wife because it was the way of the times. If you didn’t consummate the marriage as soon as physically possible the business or political advantages could be lost. You’re an atheist in this lifetime yet you’ve spent many centuries as that hammer and enforcer of god. You are a devote Jew but in the 40’s you drove a tank while wearing a black uniform with the skull and crossbones insignia.

It’s a careful what you wish for moment. If you are comfortable with your personal demons, what’s a few more to the party? However, those issues you have the most difficulty with may be issues you have dealt with before. You may not be too happy with what side of the coin you were on the last flip.

If you are well grounded the journey can be mystical and healing. You can release patterns that have been reoccurring even prior to this incarnation. Realization of the deep dichotomy that exists in life builds an understanding compassion. That compassion can bring a peace of heart. You might not agree with the actions of another but you can understand their motivation. You’ve been there.

Reincarnation but which one!

Published November 26, 2015 by murgcat

IMG_0208The Comedian spoke a profound truth. “Death is Natures way of saying thanks for playing, try again!”
Reincarnation is one view of the soul’s journey. There is validity to this idea. Now, which view of reincarnation I believe in is up to debate. There are two main concepts that appeal to me. The first is the basics that everyone is familiar with, the one soul journeying lifetimes to the grand prize of enlightenment. The second is the belief that upon our deaths our energy gets dumped back into the great pool of source. We can examine both from my point of view, my subjective grooviness. You can make up your own mind.
Traditional reincarnation, if you will, consists of a single soul striving over and over to reach liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Lessons are learned; karma is balanced again and again. Always one cohesive soul learning life lessons. As the spirit travels through its journey it becomes more enlightened. The more advanced, the more of the previous lifetimes are remembered. Once one has reached a high level, the memories and lessons of the previous lifetimes are retained. Spiritual teachers tap into all of these lifetimes to help us and them understand life.
Once you have learned all there is, or more probably, all your particular soul has chosen to learn, you get to break the bonds of this world. Now the soul gets a choice to move on or continue to play the game, but on their terms. When a particular spirit is so moved by compassion and love for those of us still caught in the throes of birthing pains again and again, it comes back to teach and heal. That’s where we get our bodhisattvas like Kwan Yin and the Dali Lama.
The second concept is the shaman’s idea of reincarnation. In this view, source is the origin of us all and it’s where we return upon death. The Toltec shamans call it the eagle. We live and strive and learn and then our spirit is devoured by source. There is an incentive in this view; you work harder at your studies and practices so that you may avoid the eventual disintegration back into source.
This view would explain why many of the past life experiences are so fragmented. We dissolve back into the pool. As a new soul is created, bits and pieces of a myriad of life experiences and vibrations come together to form a new being. The more enlightened we become the more the spirit starts to coalesce. Eventually the soul is able to gather the totality of ones self; we break the cycle.
The second argument has always appealed to me. It explains quite a few anomalies in the past life experiences that have been reported. A person could only remember those vibrations and memories that becomes part of the new being. A convenient excuse for the big holes or the small remembrances.
I have to say due to recent revelations and epiphanies, I am now more inclined to validate the first point of view. I think what you remember of your past lives, if that is part of your journey, are points you need to focus on. It can guide you to your Dharma, your purpose in life. The final transcendent goal is to reunite with source and stop coming back.
Rather than argue about it now, let’s have a chat after we’ve passed but before we spin the big karma wheel for our next walk on our beautiful Gaia. That’s one of the downsides of being an atheist, if they are right, they won’t get to say, “I told you so.”

Shaman Vs. Medicine Man

Published June 10, 2015 by murgcat


Laaadies an gentlemen! In this corner we have the perennial North American favorite The Medicine Man known south of the border as El Curandero! In the opposing corner, hailing from the far reaches of Siberia but now a worldly cosmopolitan traveler – The Shaman.
What I’m trying to understand is all of the arguments I have been seeing lately about who may or may not be entitled to call themselves by these titles. The attacks can be quite vehement. But what do these appellations mean? They are descriptive words not titles.
Shaman is easy. It is the agreed upon anthropological term for indigenous healers and spiritual workers worldwide. The word has become the equivalent of karate and kung fu, generic words that evoke a spirit, an idea that allows many people to understand what is being talked about. Just as there are many different styles of martial arts that are categorized by the above, shamanism has the same phenomenon. Saying someone practices shamanism leaves it open to a fairly broad range of interpretation.
Medicine man, words that hold so much weight. A white mans limited description of a rich and varied spiritual tradition. Always tinted by the feelings of moral and intellectual superiority as pointed out by the good book. I can understand medicine is a good generic term to describe what some of the spiritual people of the North American continent practice. Yet some of our Indian brothers seem to want to defend their use of the white man’s term to the death!
Was there one homogonous spiritual practice amongst the natives on this continent? I didn’t think so but from the arguments it would seem that’s a common belief. Also, that path is reserved only for those whose ancestors originated in North America. Wouldn’t it be better to use the title the tribe has bestowed on the person rather than fighting over the white man’s word. In fact, the term was probably “curendero” before medicine man. In fact the first white term for these functionaries in the red tribes would have been whatever term the Vikings used for healer. That could have been shaman.
There are also the two other sides that should be examined. Part of the argument is the Red Path is the best highest way that lives in harmony with mother earth and all her creatures. If I agree, why should I be denied that path because of my heritage? If it is indeed the proper path then shouldn’t Indians everywhere try and help everyone else get it right? Instead we are fighting over the words used to describe similar practices.
The vision quest is a wonderful example. The founders of almost every major spiritual belief system have spent time alone in the wilderness to receive their epiphany. We may call it anything but a vision quest. Those words, again English words, belong to our Indian brothers.
The third side is if you put credence in reincarnation. Perhaps not so much in the past but now the human lifespan is but a drop in the bucket of time. If we are indeed on this planet to learn, we have had multiple opportunities. Not always as the knight in shining armor or as the damsel in distress, rather a little of everything. Everyone has walked the earth as man, woman, rich, poor, good, evil, every aspect of the myriad of manifestations in this dichotomy of life.
If a certain path feels right, there is a chance you have walked it before. Just because your current meatsuit isn’t the proper attire doesn’t mean you can’t resonate with the tunes at the dance. If reincarnation is the way of this reality then at some point you have probably been what you hate the most. Take a moment think about it.
Does the path have heart? Do you feel like you are walking with Spirit? What does it matter what you call it. Fighting over the words distracts everyone from fighting for Gaia and her creatures. I do understand that the snake-oil salesman needs to be called out. Those that are sincere can be forgiven for their vernacular. It is all about Intent after all.


Demon Street USA: What is it?

Published March 2, 2015 by murgcat

What started off as a scary story became a transformational journey climaxing in a mind blowing final conflict.
When the Protagonist is a demonic entity that tends to take the forefront. For a novice in the paranormal field it’s scary and mind blowing. For the jaded it becomes more of a been there done that spin or the tale is found to be so far out there, it can not possibly be true. In Demon Street USA, the story we told was meant to fill a hole that the other books in the field create. Trust me; sit back and in your imagination, think of what it was like to be in this house. Similar to every demon tale you have heard. In some ways, nothing new and different. Demonic entities have a certain Modus Operandi. With study, it is something that you can discern then predict the direction energy will flow.
Most of the studies lay out the facts and then wrap up. The priest or shaman comes in and says his prayers or the family flees in the dark of the night, with the wind blowing and the dead howling at their heels. There is a gap there. Perhaps a “what the hell” moment! Those people that come in to help, all we usually get is some cursory back-story. It’s explained they come from a position of authority so it just is. Bull! The ones who deal with demons don’t just wake up one day and decide it might be a relaxing pastime. It’s a calling, sometimes a path embarked on through choice or sometimes thrust upon you by spirit.
That’s what Demon Street USA tries to shine a light on. The work it takes to be able to deal with these spirits. The person dealing with said entities must be tempered like a sword. The process tears down the walls of reality and moves them about. How solid your current belief system is, will determine the effort necessary to effect the change. The path is as individual as the person. There are similarities, yet each person’s interpretation and needs are different, though the goal is the same.
dsusacoverSo the next time you’re reading an account of horrific spirit encounters and you’re wondering why those people think they can get rid of the crap. Some of the answers are in Demon Street USA. Just so you know it may be more than what you were looking for. A multi-layered dish for everyone to feast on.

Forgiveness of others

Published January 20, 2015 by murgcat

Wow, the hard work of self-forgiveness is done! Don’t fool yourself it is hard work, but with diligence and perseverance it is attainable. As you were releasing the energetic threads that needed forgiveness, some were more tenacious than others.
Some of these are the threads that emanate from outside of us. Grudges and slights that are still embraced and fed. Karmic and familial connections that you may not know even exist. These are some of the hardest bonds to break.
The threads that are personal can often times be dispelled by a simple ceremony. Acknowledging the connection, having compassion and empathy for the being on the other end of the connection is sometimes all that is needed. There are times when as unpalatable as it may seem a personal contact is needed to clear the energy.
There are times when the first two options are unattainable. Familial and past life karma are good examples of that situation. There are also the moments when contact with the being on the other end of the thread could cause your annihilation. There are deeper practices that can cut the connection free, carefully and correctly. This is necessary so that the energy cords that are now out there flailing around like medusa’s ‘do, don’t whip back around and find you again.
Let’s set the record straight, I am not saying that all of a sudden you have to invite your worst enemy over for dinner! To paraphrase Clint Eastwood “This doesn’t mean we’re gonna cuddle and I’ll have your love child.” The energetic threads are gone. There is no longer a connection. After going through the full and total process of forgiveness the only way for there to be a thread anymore is if you make the conscious decision for it to be there.
This is an exercise to regain your personal power. The reclamation of energy that was being burnt on things of the past is empowering. Those threads flowed around the Now and guided your future. Your actions and reactions have always been influenced by the connections. We are all puppets dancing on Karmic threads.
The next step is total recapitulation. Moving beyond forgiveness and looking at all of the connecting threads of your life and releasing them. All of them. The threads of love, joy, sorrow all the threads of energy that keep you tethered in the past thus influencing the flow of the future. When those tethers are released you become free you can chose the course that is best for you with out the shackles of the past forcing your direction.
This exercise brings about one of the most enchanting spiritual paradoxes. The more of the spiritual threads you cut, the more connections you break, the more connected you feel to everything. Reclamation of your personal power and living in the Now brings into perspective how ultimately everything is connected.

Most Powerful Spiritual Tool Ever

Published January 8, 2015 by murgcat

kwan_yin         It’s something so simple yet requires so much strength. Perhaps the most important step on the road to enlightenment. Forgiveness. Not in a Peewee Herman “I’m sorry, I’m soooo sorry…I’m not sorry nyahh” kind of way but in a deep act of intention. Most important is this act of forgiveness must start with you.

For any point in your life where you feel you need to forgive someone for a transgression against you, there is a need to forgive yourself for hanging on to that negativity for so long. Many times the energy is anger at your self for allowing yourself to be put in the position to be injured.

Our energetic connections are never a one-way street there is always a give and take. Connections to the incidents of our lives are not a single strand of energy but a braid. The flow and focus of energy can run in many directions.

To truly be able to cut the cords that bind us to the past we must be able to discern the direction of the original intent. We need to figure out which cords of a negative nature are emanating from us. That should be the focus of our first round of forgiveness.

From the deep loving center of your Heart forgive yourself for holding on to the feelings of hate, anger, jealousy or any other deeply felt negative emotion that keeps you tied to a specific incident. If you can truly, deeply and with absolute intent release that connection with forgiveness and love the braid of energy that keeps you connected begins to fade.

In many instances dissolution of a single strand of the braid can cause the whole connection to dissolve. Many times, what one perceived as an affront or slight may have been unnoticed by the other party. By cutting those ties in this way, you regain energy that is poured into the situation.

Forgiveness cuts binding energy that is much better used for healing and love than it is to maintain any kind of animosity. Especially if that energy is one-sided. Seems so easy.

It takes true strength to reap the rewards of forgiveness. For forgiveness to work in your life it must be all encompassing. True forgiveness requires total surrender of all that needs forgiveness. The bully that made you drink the spoiled milk in the 6th grade as well as that coach in high school that did those things in the locker room.

Definitely no comparison in the severity of how we perceive those transgressions, yet for the act of spiritual forgiveness, true forgiveness, those acts must be treated the same. It takes true strength to release all negativity equally. To connect to the full power of the act it must be total and unconditional. The freedom gained can be liberating.

Subjective Grooviness:Little Switches in Your Head

Published December 20, 2014 by murgcat


IMG_0105_2     There are mechanics to Subjective Grooviness, how does this mystery work? It’s quite simple, no really. When we are born our minds are huge sponges, they soak in all the data coming from all around us. Because of the process I’m about to describe most people cannot remember what that was like. There is a point where the mind and spirit reaches a tipping point and the input threatens to overload the system.
That’s when the filters begin to be turned on. The mind is a giant processor; it operates based on the position of internal switches. Slowly, due to nature and nurture, more and more filters are activated. By the time we are adults, most of our filters are firmly set. This state is our subjective grooviness.
Not all of these switches are the same; some are more sensitive than others. We each have a path we should be walking. If there is a switch on that keeps you from that path it will be easier to turn it off. There are DNA arrangements that make turning on and off certain switches easier. Then there are the epiphanies and tragedies that impact our lives.
There are some switches that break when you turn them off. Or what it takes to turn them back on can be detrimental to your physical, spiritual and mental health. Those are the switches that need to be carefully observed. Most people aren’t ready to have their reality altered. When paranormal investigators enter an area that has strong energy, that maybe enough to flip those switches and no matter what they want, the filters will not turn on any more.
For some, their grooviness is locked –Stone. This explains a person who can observe paranormal events and still not believe in them. For others, reality is malleable, it changes and they are open to those changes. Remember Enlightenment is removing the subjective and just existing in the immense grooviness that is life.

The structure of reality

Published September 24, 2014 by murgcat

This installment features a wonderful concept of reality. We all live in a consensus reality. In that reality however, we each have our own unique interpretation of that data. There are many factors that contribute – environment, DNA, upbringing, trauma. This unique perspective is what causes multiple witness’s to the same event to report such a diversity of views.
Sifu Bill Smith has introduced me to his concept of interpersonal relationships and reactions in this multi-reality we inhabit.

Take it away Tai Chi Bill:

This essay serves to outline and define three inter-related terms.
1. Subjective Grooviness
2. Competing Subjective Grooviness
3. Convenient Subjective Grooviness
The term, “Subjective Grooviness” arose out of the need for a term in relation to the thoughts and views generated by the modern new age spiritual movement as well as discoveries and claims held by religious sects and cults, and the scientific community. It now encompasses everything and can also be used as a replacement of the term Samsara as used by the Buddhist community. The idea being that even the most objective experience can and will be stacked with greater and greater amounts of Subjective interpretation. By way of example, the sun is shining in a clear cloudless sky, two people standing next to one another having the same objective experience (the shining sun) each with their own Subjectively Groovy Interpretation. One says, “ Oh my god the sun is so hot it’s burning my skin. I hope I don’t get skin cancer!” while the other says, “ Oh, the sun, giver of life I receive your healing rays through all the pores on my body!” Each is now several layers removed from simply being with the sun shining and each persons Subjective Grooviness is coloring their experience as well as informing any out-comes.

We all operate out of Subjective Grooviness (here on as SG). It is the platform of our individuality. It is the spin, if you will, that we each put upon the objective events in our lives. It becomes a sort of explanation to the feelings and emotions we have in regards to everything. You can see this in people who apply the same SG to everything that happens, especially if the SG is used to elevate self-importance or create self-deprecation. Since the larger part of ones whole experience in any moment is completely internal, the SG serves as a tool for ones running description of their self in relation to the world they live in. This is functionally O.K. in that we all have our own SG and as long as we don’t inflict it on others and respect another’s right to live from their SG we are good.

If one cannot, for whatever reason, keep their SG to themselves, one then runs the risk of engaging in CSG (Competing Subjective Grooviness). This is when two or more individual SG’s bump into one another, one always trying to supersede and become the dominant group SG. This dynamic plays out in one to one personal relationships as well as in group situations. An example;
Bob: “ My spirit animal guides say that we are in for some rough times ahead.”
Ken: “ that’s interesting. MY HIGHEST Angelic guides say that we are evolving into our pure divine form and that every thing will be O.K.”

As one can see in the example CSG has occurred creating a dissonance of sorts. It can then go generally into the positive or negative after that.
The CSG has been cast, the response is crucial:
Bob: “ Wow! The Angels said that, that makes so much sense to me.” Bob has now adopted Ken’s SG over his original animal spirit SG.
Ken: “I know, aren’t the Angels awesome.”
And with that Bob and Ken are back to SG resonance. It could have just as easy gone another way.
Bob: “ Angels you say, I have never seen one, but I have seen my animal spirit guides (a separate supporting SG) and I always trust them.”
Ken: “ Everyone knows that Angels are operating from a higher plane, of course what they say is right!”
And the CSG continues, vying back and forth for the dominant SG. Most of the religious and political/military strife in the world is CSG in all its glory.
Once viewed from this perspective it seems silly to kill one another over a mere Subjective Grooviness/ Competing Subjective Grooviness clash.

Convenient Subjective Grooviness:
This is a SG that is adopted in the moment to justify a set of behaviors or actions as well as occurrences.

Metaphysical Mechanics

Published July 29, 2014 by murgcat

comic-oneshot001Here’s a humbling secret–Every human has the ability to banish demons and perform exorcisms; not everyone can! Everybody has numerous abilities yet most people if they are lucky can finely develop one or two of those innate abilities and have the skill manifest.
What are the metaphysical mechanics of exorcism? There are three aspects that must be honed razor-sharp if you want to deal with demonic entities. Personal power, intent and faith are the three pillars of this endeavor.
Personal power is the spiritual energy that you can muster. However, spiritual may be misleading. In Asian cultures, chi is a word that describes a person’s personal power. It is both a scientific and spiritual term; spiritual in the obvious sense, it’s your energy, scientific because doctors and scientist both have been able to measure and quantify the energy flow.
Most everyone begins with a starting level of energy. That energy is dissipated throughout an individual’s lifetime. Different lifestyle choices, actions and environmental factors influence that energy and levels can be changed. Martial artists and spiritual practitioners are two of the groups that increase their energy by following certain exercises on a daily basis. People who are constantly afraid or angry burn off energy daily.
Intent is the mental energy that mobilizes your personal power. Impeccable intent is the basis of all magick on the earth. Impeccable intent is willpower to the nth degree. Intent creates and maintains reality. It is the underlying force that makes the impossible happen. It allows the athlete to overcome and push beyond their limits. Intent is the driving force that enables a small band of soldiers to survive against overwhelming odds.
There are many terms for different aspects of intent. In the vast majority of people, intent is unconscious. The constant chatter of their mind sets their daily intent.  However, with perseverance and deep study, one can transcend the unconscious aspects of intent and use its’ energy to create reality.
Faith is the ethereal glue; the binding tie that holds power and intent together. True faith not blind faith. True faith is created by knowledge and experience. I’ve been blessed by spiritual teachers who preach, “Test the teachings”. The teachings are the base knowledge; they might be breathing exercises, meditations even Kung fu moves.  When you do the move and it works, you start the harmonics of faith. Every time you perform the task at hand and you have results, you enforce the faith in that act.
As your faith gets stronger, you are able to involve your intent and personal power on a much greater level. When your faith becomes as impeccable as your intent, you begin to transcend your personal power and are able to tap into the universal power source. The only catch 22, you cannot reach that power source unless you have enough personal power.
It’s through this mechanism that any demonic presence can be banished. The origin of the entity really will not matter. There is a mistaken belief that if a demonic presence predates Christianity, their prayers and ministrations will have no effect. Likewise, the Christian that feels only Jesus can exorcise demons. With strong personal power, impeccable intent and unbending faith, a person could believe in the power of the holy abracadabra. Throw one at the demon and it will be banished. When those three aspects of your life are firing at full power you create your own reality.