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Metaphysical Mechanics

Published July 29, 2014 by murgcat

comic-oneshot001Here’s a humbling secret–Every human has the ability to banish demons and perform exorcisms; not everyone can! Everybody has numerous abilities yet most people if they are lucky can finely develop one or two of those innate abilities and have the skill manifest.
What are the metaphysical mechanics of exorcism? There are three aspects that must be honed razor-sharp if you want to deal with demonic entities. Personal power, intent and faith are the three pillars of this endeavor.
Personal power is the spiritual energy that you can muster. However, spiritual may be misleading. In Asian cultures, chi is a word that describes a person’s personal power. It is both a scientific and spiritual term; spiritual in the obvious sense, it’s your energy, scientific because doctors and scientist both have been able to measure and quantify the energy flow.
Most everyone begins with a starting level of energy. That energy is dissipated throughout an individual’s lifetime. Different lifestyle choices, actions and environmental factors influence that energy and levels can be changed. Martial artists and spiritual practitioners are two of the groups that increase their energy by following certain exercises on a daily basis. People who are constantly afraid or angry burn off energy daily.
Intent is the mental energy that mobilizes your personal power. Impeccable intent is the basis of all magick on the earth. Impeccable intent is willpower to the nth degree. Intent creates and maintains reality. It is the underlying force that makes the impossible happen. It allows the athlete to overcome and push beyond their limits. Intent is the driving force that enables a small band of soldiers to survive against overwhelming odds.
There are many terms for different aspects of intent. In the vast majority of people, intent is unconscious. The constant chatter of their mind sets their daily intent.  However, with perseverance and deep study, one can transcend the unconscious aspects of intent and use its’ energy to create reality.
Faith is the ethereal glue; the binding tie that holds power and intent together. True faith not blind faith. True faith is created by knowledge and experience. I’ve been blessed by spiritual teachers who preach, “Test the teachings”. The teachings are the base knowledge; they might be breathing exercises, meditations even Kung fu moves.  When you do the move and it works, you start the harmonics of faith. Every time you perform the task at hand and you have results, you enforce the faith in that act.
As your faith gets stronger, you are able to involve your intent and personal power on a much greater level. When your faith becomes as impeccable as your intent, you begin to transcend your personal power and are able to tap into the universal power source. The only catch 22, you cannot reach that power source unless you have enough personal power.
It’s through this mechanism that any demonic presence can be banished. The origin of the entity really will not matter. There is a mistaken belief that if a demonic presence predates Christianity, their prayers and ministrations will have no effect. Likewise, the Christian that feels only Jesus can exorcise demons. With strong personal power, impeccable intent and unbending faith, a person could believe in the power of the holy abracadabra. Throw one at the demon and it will be banished. When those three aspects of your life are firing at full power you create your own reality.