Arcanology, n – The study of the esoteric, metaphysical, secret, and hidden

Arcane, adj. – Hidden, secret. Known by only a few, esoteric.

Arcanum, n. – Secret or hidden knowledge.  A mystery, secret. The great secret of nature which the alchemists sought. A secret or mysterious remedy, elixir.

Arcanologist, n. – A person who studies the esoteric, metaphysical, secret and hidden            An Arcanologist studies a vast array of disciplines from Alchemy to Martial Arts to Crypto-Zoology.  They look for the esoteric teachings, the fundamental teachings of the different subjects. In martial arts there have always been “closed door “ students, those taught the mysteries of chi. Those are the lessons that interest an Arcanologist.  In Buddhism the study of Dzongchen or Bon would be their interest. In Judaism, an arcanologist would study the Kabbalah.

What are the root threads that bind all of these things together? That’s a question the Arcanologist lives for. These things can only be researched so far. The musty tomes and dark library shelves only get one an intellectual knowledge. True knowledge in most of the areas studied in arcanology require a vast amount of field work and true experiential study. To truly Grok (see Heinlein) a subject you have to experience it.  HPIM0018

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