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The structure of reality

Published September 24, 2014 by murgcat

This installment features a wonderful concept of reality. We all live in a consensus reality. In that reality however, we each have our own unique interpretation of that data. There are many factors that contribute – environment, DNA, upbringing, trauma. This unique perspective is what causes multiple witness’s to the same event to report such a diversity of views.
Sifu Bill Smith has introduced me to his concept of interpersonal relationships and reactions in this multi-reality we inhabit.

Take it away Tai Chi Bill:

This essay serves to outline and define three inter-related terms.
1. Subjective Grooviness
2. Competing Subjective Grooviness
3. Convenient Subjective Grooviness
The term, “Subjective Grooviness” arose out of the need for a term in relation to the thoughts and views generated by the modern new age spiritual movement as well as discoveries and claims held by religious sects and cults, and the scientific community. It now encompasses everything and can also be used as a replacement of the term Samsara as used by the Buddhist community. The idea being that even the most objective experience can and will be stacked with greater and greater amounts of Subjective interpretation. By way of example, the sun is shining in a clear cloudless sky, two people standing next to one another having the same objective experience (the shining sun) each with their own Subjectively Groovy Interpretation. One says, “ Oh my god the sun is so hot it’s burning my skin. I hope I don’t get skin cancer!” while the other says, “ Oh, the sun, giver of life I receive your healing rays through all the pores on my body!” Each is now several layers removed from simply being with the sun shining and each persons Subjective Grooviness is coloring their experience as well as informing any out-comes.

We all operate out of Subjective Grooviness (here on as SG). It is the platform of our individuality. It is the spin, if you will, that we each put upon the objective events in our lives. It becomes a sort of explanation to the feelings and emotions we have in regards to everything. You can see this in people who apply the same SG to everything that happens, especially if the SG is used to elevate self-importance or create self-deprecation. Since the larger part of ones whole experience in any moment is completely internal, the SG serves as a tool for ones running description of their self in relation to the world they live in. This is functionally O.K. in that we all have our own SG and as long as we don’t inflict it on others and respect another’s right to live from their SG we are good.

If one cannot, for whatever reason, keep their SG to themselves, one then runs the risk of engaging in CSG (Competing Subjective Grooviness). This is when two or more individual SG’s bump into one another, one always trying to supersede and become the dominant group SG. This dynamic plays out in one to one personal relationships as well as in group situations. An example;
Bob: “ My spirit animal guides say that we are in for some rough times ahead.”
Ken: “ that’s interesting. MY HIGHEST Angelic guides say that we are evolving into our pure divine form and that every thing will be O.K.”

As one can see in the example CSG has occurred creating a dissonance of sorts. It can then go generally into the positive or negative after that.
The CSG has been cast, the response is crucial:
Bob: “ Wow! The Angels said that, that makes so much sense to me.” Bob has now adopted Ken’s SG over his original animal spirit SG.
Ken: “I know, aren’t the Angels awesome.”
And with that Bob and Ken are back to SG resonance. It could have just as easy gone another way.
Bob: “ Angels you say, I have never seen one, but I have seen my animal spirit guides (a separate supporting SG) and I always trust them.”
Ken: “ Everyone knows that Angels are operating from a higher plane, of course what they say is right!”
And the CSG continues, vying back and forth for the dominant SG. Most of the religious and political/military strife in the world is CSG in all its glory.
Once viewed from this perspective it seems silly to kill one another over a mere Subjective Grooviness/ Competing Subjective Grooviness clash.

Convenient Subjective Grooviness:
This is a SG that is adopted in the moment to justify a set of behaviors or actions as well as occurrences.