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Demon Street USA: What is it?

Published March 2, 2015 by murgcat

What started off as a scary story became a transformational journey climaxing in a mind blowing final conflict.
When the Protagonist is a demonic entity that tends to take the forefront. For a novice in the paranormal field it’s scary and mind blowing. For the jaded it becomes more of a been there done that spin or the tale is found to be so far out there, it can not possibly be true. In Demon Street USA, the story we told was meant to fill a hole that the other books in the field create. Trust me; sit back and in your imagination, think of what it was like to be in this house. Similar to every demon tale you have heard. In some ways, nothing new and different. Demonic entities have a certain Modus Operandi. With study, it is something that you can discern then predict the direction energy will flow.
Most of the studies lay out the facts and then wrap up. The priest or shaman comes in and says his prayers or the family flees in the dark of the night, with the wind blowing and the dead howling at their heels. There is a gap there. Perhaps a “what the hell” moment! Those people that come in to help, all we usually get is some cursory back-story. It’s explained they come from a position of authority so it just is. Bull! The ones who deal with demons don’t just wake up one day and decide it might be a relaxing pastime. It’s a calling, sometimes a path embarked on through choice or sometimes thrust upon you by spirit.
That’s what Demon Street USA tries to shine a light on. The work it takes to be able to deal with these spirits. The person dealing with said entities must be tempered like a sword. The process tears down the walls of reality and moves them about. How solid your current belief system is, will determine the effort necessary to effect the change. The path is as individual as the person. There are similarities, yet each person’s interpretation and needs are different, though the goal is the same.
dsusacoverSo the next time you’re reading an account of horrific spirit encounters and you’re wondering why those people think they can get rid of the crap. Some of the answers are in Demon Street USA. Just so you know it may be more than what you were looking for. A multi-layered dish for everyone to feast on.