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Most Powerful Spiritual Tool Ever

Published January 8, 2015 by murgcat

kwan_yin         It’s something so simple yet requires so much strength. Perhaps the most important step on the road to enlightenment. Forgiveness. Not in a Peewee Herman “I’m sorry, I’m soooo sorry…I’m not sorry nyahh” kind of way but in a deep act of intention. Most important is this act of forgiveness must start with you.

For any point in your life where you feel you need to forgive someone for a transgression against you, there is a need to forgive yourself for hanging on to that negativity for so long. Many times the energy is anger at your self for allowing yourself to be put in the position to be injured.

Our energetic connections are never a one-way street there is always a give and take. Connections to the incidents of our lives are not a single strand of energy but a braid. The flow and focus of energy can run in many directions.

To truly be able to cut the cords that bind us to the past we must be able to discern the direction of the original intent. We need to figure out which cords of a negative nature are emanating from us. That should be the focus of our first round of forgiveness.

From the deep loving center of your Heart forgive yourself for holding on to the feelings of hate, anger, jealousy or any other deeply felt negative emotion that keeps you tied to a specific incident. If you can truly, deeply and with absolute intent release that connection with forgiveness and love the braid of energy that keeps you connected begins to fade.

In many instances dissolution of a single strand of the braid can cause the whole connection to dissolve. Many times, what one perceived as an affront or slight may have been unnoticed by the other party. By cutting those ties in this way, you regain energy that is poured into the situation.

Forgiveness cuts binding energy that is much better used for healing and love than it is to maintain any kind of animosity. Especially if that energy is one-sided. Seems so easy.

It takes true strength to reap the rewards of forgiveness. For forgiveness to work in your life it must be all encompassing. True forgiveness requires total surrender of all that needs forgiveness. The bully that made you drink the spoiled milk in the 6th grade as well as that coach in high school that did those things in the locker room.

Definitely no comparison in the severity of how we perceive those transgressions, yet for the act of spiritual forgiveness, true forgiveness, those acts must be treated the same. It takes true strength to release all negativity equally. To connect to the full power of the act it must be total and unconditional. The freedom gained can be liberating.